Prayer Shawl Ministry

Our finished shawls adorn the pews of church and are available to anyone who is going through a personal crisis

Some of the group gathered around a new banner to invite people walking or driving by to join our happy ministry.

Nearly every Tuesday at 10:30 till noon, members and friends of Trinity gather together for fun, laughter, fellowship and creativity.  They gather to create the gift of prayer shawls, as a token of God’s love, for people going through a personal crisis.  Each prayer shawl is as unique as the person who receives it.  The prayer shawls have been prayed over with a request that the one who receives it will feel the power of the Holy Spirit and be comforted by God’s grace.  The completed prayer shawls adorn the backs of the pews and anyone who is going through a particularly rough time or knows someone else who needs a reminder of God’s Grace is welcome to take one.  

“Trinity United Methodist Church of Fernandina Beach, Florida has a prayer shawl ministry group made up of both men and women.  We believe that God wants us to share His love with you.  We hope that every time you see or wear this shawl that you will remember that you are important to God, to family and to friends and that you will feel love and peace that only God’s loving arms can give.”