“Committees” and Community Outreach 

Trinity has a less formal committee structure than larger churches.  At Trinity, individuals or couples step forward and take on the responsibilities that larger-church committees normally handle.

Christian Education -

     Pastor Felix (Sunday worship service and Wednesday Evening Gathering),
     Norman Hill (Thursday Bible Study),
     Laura Schulte (bible studies at Savannah Grand and America’s Youth)
     Patty Ess (neighborhood bible study and at America’s Youth)

Communication - congregation, website, social media

     Sha Baker,
     Lee and Nancy Scofield

Property - maintain, restore and upgrade the buildings and grounds

     Pastor Felix,
     Spencer Clayton,
     Lee Scofield,
     Norman Hill,
     Dick Burnett,
     Dave Anstine,
     Charlie Preus,
     Dave Schulte,
     Scott Leslie,
     Harley Ess

Altar Guild - maintains the altar area

     Jan Preus
     Kim Wright

Community Outreach - volunteering with community organizations

     Salvation Army - Hope House - Interfaith Dinner Network - 
         Serena Peterson (Trinity meal coordinator),
         Laura Schulte - (involved in 4 meals per month)
         Laura Schulte - (Trinity’s Bell Ringer coordinator)
     America’s Youth - Patty Ess,
     Habitat for Humanity -
          Spencer Clayton,
          Gary Brunt,
    Yulee UMC Food Collection and Distribution
          Dave Anstine
          Sandee Robinson
    Prayer Shawl Ministry coordinator- Nancy Scofield,
    Korine Johnson (student tutoring)

Northeast Florida Community Action Agency - supporting those in need

     Pastor Felix (board of directors)

Farm Share Surplus Food Distribution Events

     Pastor Felix
     Wayne Peterson
     Serena Peterson
     Charlie Preus
     Lee Scofield

Barnabas Food Pantry

     Dave Schulte

Nassau Racial Equity Coalition - removing racial barriers

     Pastor Felix

Prayer Ministry - corporate prayer for individual needs

     Mishonda Felix,
     Nancy Fobert

Salvation Army Hope House - Intrafaith Dinner Network - feeding the needy

     Serena Peterson (Trinity coordinator),
     Laura and Dave Schulte (lead one group and work with 2 other groups),
     Rose Baker,
     Phyllis Ray,
     Jan Preus,
     Charlie Preus,
     Blenda Long,
     Sandee Robertson,
     Terri Gallman,
     Lee Scofield,

Healing Together - a path towards mental wellness

     Mishonda Felix,
     Pastor Felix

Tutoring and Mentoring - helping children reach their potential

     Korrin Johnson (tutor - high school)
     Dave Schulte (mentor in the Take Stock in Children program)
     Laura Schulte (tutor - Southside Elementary School)

Youth Ministry - provides a save and welcoming space for youth fellowship 

     Pastor Felix
     Mishonda Felix

Grace and Gratitude Sober Living - supporting those recovering from substance abuse 

     Lona Smith